HWP E-Series

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  • 优质、高效、高性价比

    Convincing arguments: quality, efficiency and price
    · it adopts an elaborated steel-frame structur.a column with a work bench beam,a sliding rail and a rear protective net
    · The good quality of the products is based on exquisite manufacturing process and durable parts and components
    · lts double-action cylinder, which is the original componemt of sound hydraulic systems. can stand wear and tear
    · It is equipped with an electrical starter,a hand-controlled pump filling pressure to the rated-level of fluid pressure and a manual-controlled piston rod moving upward and downward, which is very safe and convenient.
    · The lower workbench beam is equipped with a set of specialized sling and sliding rail, which is labor-saving, safe and convenient
    · The oil cylinder can be moved by manual power and its head can be positioned arbitrarily. which is very convenient and efficient