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  • 可延长的轻型摇臂钻
    Lightweight radial drilling machine with long outreach,for wood,plastics,aluminium


    Product characteristics:
    · Best possible force transmission thanks to aluminium pulleys in combination with GATES quality toothed belts
    · Guaranteed concentricity of driling spindle better than o.o3 mm measured in the drilling spindle
    · Height-adjustable chuck protection with micro switch for best possible user protection
    · Drill spindle with precision ball bearings
    ·V-belt cover with safety switch
    · Precision driling table with fastening holes for extended driling table support
    · Steel column for extremely smooth action and stability
    · Solid and generously dimensioned baseplate with grooves for T slot nuts, rear with pronounced ribbing
    · User-friendly safety switch with IP 54 degree of protection
    · With emergency stop button
    · Drilling depth stop