HF 500/630/800 CNC

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    Convincing arguments: quality, efficiency and price
    ·A prevalent inverted "T"shaped layout machine base makes the overall structure rigid and no overturning moment generated during full stroke
    · The cast machine base machined by high precision five-sided gantry miller and all the cutting jobs of milling, drilling, tapping on all five sides done by one clamping, errors reduced and accuracy improved
    ·A grouped 6oangular contact ball bearing is adopted in the lead screw, which is doubly supported and pre-tensioned, so as to increase the machining precision.
    · High-frequency hardened slide rails or heavy-load high precision roller guideways, which have an excellent property of shock absorption and bear heavy load cutting.
    · Taiwan precision spindle,6, ooorpm and with air curtain protection device, so as to ensure to keep the spindle precision and service long life.
    · CNC rotary table Indexing table Exchange table for optional.
    · EU safety standards(suitable for export)