210E/21OP CNC

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    Convincing arguments: quality, efficiency and price
    · Imported high rigidity screw, guide rail, coupling and other moving parts, good stability and high precision.
    · High-inertia and high-torque feed servo and processing capacity are superior to other manufacturers' products of the same level.
    · Heavy duty roller screw guides on three axis featured with both heavy cutting hard guide and high speed & precision linear guide, low friction and long service life
    · Components with CE certification.
    · The bus-type system makes the electrical system more stable.
    · German technical basic machine body, good rigidity and high precision.
    · Equipped with 1ooooRPM high speed servo spindle as standard, no noise and small vibration.
    · The Z-axis of the machine tool has no counterweights and no vibration during machining.
    · Spindle air-curtain dustproof protection
    · Conform to European Safety Standards(suitable for export)